Sleek Lens - Landscape Adventure Photoshop Actions

It’s been 3 years since i started shooting architectural & interior photography. I am based in Jakarta - Indonesia, available for international projects, but most of my projects are located in Jakarta & Bali. 

Since then, I’ve been trying to find ways for a faster post production process, and last month i found this action on the web. It looks cool so i decided to give it a shot.

This is one example of a project that i shot i Bali, using 5d mark 3, weather was great.

As you can see, there is no drastic change. For me, nothing beats great weather. Every details are already there, so i only need 2 simple steps from the action to enhance the photo.

This one is using Base Clarity and Enhance Deep Blue Sky.

Below is the second example, a villa on the edge of a cliff in Uluwatu, Bali, shot using dji phantom 3 pro. I waited till dusk to get this shot, but not before its too dark. You can still see the sun highlight on the top left of the frame.

This example shows how much this action helps, saves me a lot of time by not doing it manually. I Enhanced the photo in 5 simple steps : Base Clarity, Enhance Deep Blue Sky, Base Morning Light, Tone Colour Pop & Tone Warm Highlights.

Last but not least, the image below was shot on my Fuji XT-1. A little underexposed to save detail because of the backlit situation. 

I really love this last image, the final image looks dramatic because of the sun flare, which is also in the action pack. The post processing stage took 3 steps : Base Dramatic Contrast, Enhance Dramatic Sky & Specialty Sunset Flare.

As you can see from the examples above, the Landscape Adventure Photoshop Action from Sleeklens helps me reduce my post processing time a lot. You can give it a shot from the link above.

Sleeklens also has many other action packs for different photography genres, you check them out here

And if you are too busy shooting, they also have Professional Photo Editing Service