Leica X-hibition

It’s an honor to be 1 of the 6 talented artist selected by Leica Store Indonesia to do a photography exhibition using Leica X series. 

When i got a call from them, i was working on Golf Pondok Indah project. I grabbed the camera from their store in Plaza Senayan and brought it to the project. Quite uncomfortable at first, framing the big structures with a 35mm lens. But after a while, it becomes very natural in my hands. Very light, less buttons, easy operations, and great picture quality.

I decided to convert the pictures to black and white, and you see the panel of 6 photos below.

Unfortunately, leica store indonesia wanted a lifestyle photos and not hard core architecture photos :D ( my bad, ooops )

So i grabbed the camera for another round, but this time photographing the lifestyle in setiabudi building, kuningan, which happens to be the venue of the exhibition. 

Lifestyle photography is quite new for me because I learned my craft back then from street photography and cityscapes. This task is challenging but i decided to give it a shot so i can push my boundaries to another level.

It took 3 days to complete my work going back and forth. Including the end of the first day end up with a bad series of photos. I called my friend @rhapsodyroe, asking for advice. I came back on the second day with lots of ideas, just to end up the ideas did not work. Desperation attacks me. I knew i needed to change my mindset from what i usually do to create a series of photos that represents lifestyle. Another chat with my friend and support from my wife, finally we came up with an idea to implement geometry in the photos but not forgetting the human element for a touch of lifestyle.

These are a glimpse of the X-hibition opening St. Ali, Setiabudi Building,16 June 2016. Opening ceremony by Sunil Kaul, Managing Director of Leica Asia Pacific, together with the other artists Gading Martin, Tommy A. Siahaan, Maya Suharnoko, Veronica Halim and Aston Utan.  

Last but not least, thank you friends for coming and the support.

Nice gift from @leicastoreid 

And this is my panel for the exhibition with a short write up about the photos.