Melbourne Heat

Last year i finally convinced myself to buy a mirrorless camera, and the decision goes to olympus omd em-5 with the kit lens 12-50. Cool and vintage design, nice range for the lens, compact and light weight. A 10 days trip did not hurt my shoulders at all, now that’s something new! The small size of the camera made me discreet and making street photography more fun.

I also learned a new technique, creating stop motion, trying to give street photography a new look. Quite difficult at first, trying to envision what is the final result. I went back home with 6000 files, and spent like a week or so combining them together.

I love melbourne, quieter than sydney but not as quiet as perth. Loved the gyu tan don at melbourne central.

PS. : The weather reached 44 degrees Celcius, felt like walking in front of a giant oven the whole time.

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