Gold Medal & Best Lighting Award at SFI 36, 2015

What a great morning, when i heard the news that the result of the Salon Foto Indonesia 36, Semarang 2015 is out. Still confused where the news was, but finally i found it, at the SFI website :D *silly me*

The news became fantastic when i saw my name on top of the Travel Category list. Yes, i got gold medal.

A little story about the winning picture :

When i go hunting, landmarks and bicycles are always on my shooting list when i see them. It was a couple of months back when i was hunting together with my students on a car free day event at the Hotel Indonesia (HI Roundabout) and this place is one of the shot to death subject for photographers. I was exploring the landmark, trying different angles, different techniques just to create something different about this place. Then finally i saw a nice bicycle parking just at the edge of the fountain. The direction of light is just nice, i tried combining my two muse : the landmark and the bicycle. The first obstacle that i encountered was framing the shot. I needed to go very low in order to get the perfect framing. Thanks to my trusted Fuji XT-1 with the tilt screen that makes it a lot easier. Then the second obstacle was the crowd. It was so crowded that i can’t get a clear shot of the landmark without anybody around. For street photographers, patience is always key. I waited and waited with my camera setting set to burst mode, until i got a small window where anybody weren’t passing into my frame and ‘click 10x’.

Lucky me, the result is my name on top of the travel category winner :)

The fantastic news didn’t stop there. When i flipped the pages, i saw my name again on the very bottom of the list - Best Lighting on the fashion category. Just a perfect way to end the news. 

A story behind the picture can be found on my previous blog.

Below is the picture of the ballerina with the best lighting award. Thanks a lot Janice :) 

Last but not least, the trophy ceremony held at Semarang Nov 18th, 2015

And another medal sent to me yesterday, thank you SFI 36, for the 3 medal in total !

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