Dra House, Bali

Photography by Mario Wibowo

Text by Ria Iskandar

In this almost 900-square-metre villa located in Sanur, Bali, a powerfully relaxing atmosphere is both defined by and offset by a strong modern and tropical design concept. The owner, a self-confessed dreamer, needed a retreat from his busy life in Jakarta, and this site, overlooking a golf course, was selected as the perfect spot. In fact, it was the undulating, curviliniear form of the landscape, as well as the existing home, that the architectural team at Jakarta-based D’Associates took as their inspiration for the new home’s design.

“ We generally find that our main inspiration comes when we see a site for the first time, ” says the principal architect with D’Associates, Gregorius Supie Yolodi, better known as Supie. ” And this new house was actually a transformation from an older structure, which the family used as a weekend home. ”

The new house is a bold and dramatic statement when viewed from the outside. It is dominated by recycled iron and wood, which gives it a boxy look - but the look of a box that is slightly elevated from the ground. Inside, it is divided into two main areas that are determined by their functionality : the living and dining areas. A visually inexpected courtyard in the centre is covered by a skylight and also has a direct connection to the pool area that divides the main spaces.

“Our favourite area is the entrance foyer,” says supie from D’Associates. “We created this bale structure with huge recycled wooden blocks, and the texture of the wood became an element of the architecture it self. 

The other interesting feature is the game room, which is located in the semi-basement but which is visually connected to swimming pool,” he adds.

As well as D;Associates acting as the architects, the project included the work of contractor Pail Tendean from PT CKBP , as well as Krisna Triadi as the structural engineer and Rusman Riady as the mechanical, engineering and plumbing consultant. This, says, Supie, was something of a dream team for the owner, but for the site it sits in.

“Architecture is art that we live in, “says Supie, who adds that the firm’s intention is never just to create living art, but to create new approaches to lifestyles through innovative living-space concepts. “And Through all of our project, we hope that the end result will be a part of our ongoing quest in search of the true meaning of indonesian architecture,”he concludes.

Project credits :

Architect : d-associates architect, principal incharge : gregorius supie yolodi, partner incharge : maria rosantina, senior project architect : C.Kunti Dewanggani.

Interior Consultant :  Sammy Hendramianto for  Hadiprana

Structure engineer : Krisna Triadi

MEP Consultant : Rusman Riady

Lighting design : d-associates architect

Contractor :  Paul Tendean ( PT.CKBP)

This Project is published in Tatler Home Magazine, March 2016 Issue

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