Elegance at the Corner

This is really something new after shooting architecture these past 2 years. Located in Permata Hijau on a dead end street, there it is, standing beautifully at the corner. Well designed architecture by my ex colleague in Singapore, Zainal Alim Murtadho (Monoarch) and an elegant interior design by my new friend Yuliana Sutioso & Heny ( Acitya Design Pavilion) , an excellent collaboration to give a American country house look. Built on a 700m2 land, spacious, big windows with a private pool at the back, took 1 year on the design process and 3 years of construction. The beautiful oval stairs located in the middle of the house is one of the features of the house besides the comfy pantry and living room. Quoting from the designers words : ” One not always require most expensive material to achieve good design. Selective arrangement and smart application is key ”

The Photos are published in Indonesia Tatler Magazine - March 2015