2nd Place Winner at Binamarga 2015 Photo Competition

2015 has been very generous to me. Yesterday the announcement from Binamarga Photo Competition 2015 came out. Of course i wanted 1st place, but this time i only got 2nd place. Not bad, considering i only took the photo for fun on my free time, using DJI Phantom 3 drone, together with my new pilot friend Felix Indarta

The original plan was to shoot Le Bridge, the boob shaped Pier at Ancol, but boobs did not satisfy me :D 

So we head off to find more interesting subject, then stopped at the graveyard. I’m always curious about this dutch graveyard, since it’s always locked and guarded, so i tried sneaking out from the sky. But in less than 5 minutes, the guard came out and told us not to fly the drone and take pictures in the grave area :( Hopefully someday there are stealth mode in drones. But i managed to get a few pictures of the grave, and still im not satisfied with the result. 

It’s almost blue hour after we got kicked out by the grave security, so we head back to the pier area to take the high rise apartment there. I tried circling the apartment to get the best angle but i guess the building is not too photogenic from the skies. 

I cannot go home empty handed ! Confused in finding another subject to shoot, i turned my drone 360 degrees to find if there are anything to shoot around the area, and found this flyover connecting ancol and kemayoran. 

I am always a big fan of flyovers, because they always consist of lines and curves, and they also glow with street lights and cars head lamps and tail lights in the evening. I tried shooting it from high above, interesting but not quite amazing.

Final attempt, i tried lowering down my drone to get a more perspective look of the flyover, as the sky was getting almost too dark to shoot. 

Wind was blowing very hard at the sea area, i cannot use very long exposure to get the the perfect exposure so I had to bump up my ISO. 

I guess it’s still my lucky day, to get ‘THE SHOT’ of the day.